About Me

I am originally from Queens, New York. I moved to the Baltimore / D.C. area in the early 90’s as a child. Having attended grade school through high school in Maryland, I consider myself a native Marylander with a side of New Yorker. 

My passion for creating images began when I was a child. My grandfather gave me an old 8mm Bell and Howell type camera. The camera worked and it even came with a little film. I quickly became a gorilla cameraman around my grandparents home. The only two problems; I had no access to develop the film and I quickly ran out of film. Having very little money to buy more the camera soon became nothing more than a toy. To this day I wonder what I captured on that film. 

Going through high school then on to college I witnessed the digital revolution. I even had one of those Sony cameras that took the 3.5” floppy disk, a far cry from the Sony mirrorless of today. I thought I was a big deal when I got my first Nikon DSLR. 

I put down my camera for a number of years to pursue a life in public safety work. Having a successful career in that industry, I found a way to incorporate my passion for photography into my passion for public safety work. 

I became a documentary photographer at the agency I worked for. I was then introduced to the world of photojournalism. I began to freelance on my own. First running calls for work then covering protests, political events, and so on. Living so close to Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD I had no shortage of local and national events to cover. 

Today, I do freelance work for a number of outlets and I am looking to expand my knowledge and skills into other areas of photography.


Mike Jordan photographing the launch pad at Wallops Island Space Flight Facility in the summer of 2017. 

                             Mike Jordan

                             Mike Jordan


  • Photojournalism
  • Videography
  • Documentary / Street Photography

I stand behind the camera because I hate to be in front of the camera
— Mike Jordan


My logo is of a skydiver in free fall. Though I have no passion for skydiving I look at it as a metaphor for how I try new things. I just jump right into it and free fall. I just hope that my shute opens.