Flight Over Annapolis

"The world-famous GEICO Skytypers will perform during the 2017 Joint Base Andrews Air Show on September 16-17. The team’s six vintage SNJ training aircraft will roar over air show crowds in a low-level, precision- formation flying demonstration honoring service members of the “Greatest Generation.” The air show routine includes more than 20 combat tactics and maneuvers that helped control the skies during World War II and the Korean Conflict.

This year marks the first time the Skytypers have been to the Andrews Air Show since 2003. In preparation for the popular two-day event, the Skytypers took a select group of media representatives for a 30 minute demonstration flight over Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday morning.  Baltimore Post-Examiner photographer Michael Jordan (just two days shy of his birthday) went along for the exhilarating ride." - Baltimore Post Examiner

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