"Go for the Moon"

"Go for the Moon" Remembering Mankind's first steps on the Moon

WASHINGTON D.C. - The Smithsonian Institute brought history alive on a hot summer weekend in July 2019. 

I wasn’t alive when man first stepped foot on the moon. Sure, I’ve been to the museums and have seen the artifacts and like many from my generation I got some sense of what the Apollo days were like from the movie “Apollo 13”. Despite the inspiring exhibits and an academy award winning movie starring heavy hitting actors. The true feeling of one of man’s greatest achievements was lost on me. Until…

On July 20, 2019 at 10:56 PM EDT, standing in the National Mall in Washington D.C, where so many historic moments have been witnessed, I felt what my parents may have felt exactly fifty years ago to the minute when Neil Armstrong stepped man’s first steps onto a celestial body. 

Standing in a crowd of thousands of other Americans who were so silent a pin drop might have been heard. Together we were all watching the historical moments unfold on the Washington Monument as our movie screen. This event evoked a unity and sense of American pride which I haven’t felt in this country since the days after the terrible 9/11 attacks. 

The Smithsonian Institute, Boeing, Raytheon, and all of the individuals involved in the “Go for the Moon” production truly brought history alive and, in my estimation, have created one of the few educational experiences that captured the true essence of what it was like to be there. 

The following is a photo essay of this experience.

To be published: Baltimore Post Examiner